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What to Expect: MIECHV State Data Tables

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2023 Yearbook

The MIECHV State Data Tables include data shared by state MIECHV agencies. They provide state-specific answers to the following questions:

How many children and families benefited from home visiting?

  • Number of families served
  • Number of children served
  • Number of home visits completed
  • Home visiting models operating in the state through MIECHV funds
  • Number of full-time home visitor and supervisor positions funded through MIECHV

What types of families benefited from home visiting?

  • Caregiver ethnicity
  • Caregiver race
  • Caregiver educational attainment
  • Caregiver age
  • Child age
  • Child health insurance status
  • Primary language
  • Household income 100 percent and below the federal poverty guidelines