Home Visiting Yearbook

The 2018 Home Visiting Yearbook uses 2017 data to present the most up-to-date look at home visiting on the national and state levels. It features data from evidence-based home visiting models and awardees of the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program (MIECHV).  There is also a new section highlighting data from nine emerging models.

Full Yearbook

Download the 2018 Home Visiting Yearbook featuring 2017 data.


Yearbook Summary

Read a summary of the 2018 Home Visiting Yearbook, including a national profile of families served by home visiting in 2017 and those who could benefit.


The Early Childhood Home Visiting National Landscape

This chapter presents national data about home visiting, including information on where programs operate, details about those served by home visiting and those who could be, and information about the home visiting workforce.


The Early Childhood Home Visiting Local Landscape: States, Territories, and Tribes

This chapter examines state-level efforts to deliver home visiting services and previews state-level data available at the end of the Yearbook, including individual state profiles and data tables focused on MIECHV-funded programs.


Take-Home Messages

Our take-home messages recap the major themes of the 2018 Home Visiting Yearbook and plans for future Yearbooks. This chapter also leads into our appendices on methodology and maternal and child health indicators before transitioning to state-level data.