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The NHVRC Reference Catalog features home visiting research and evaluation. Items include evaluation plans, research briefs, conference and poster presentations, cost studies, fact sheets, and NHVRC publications. Select one or more of the checkboxes below and/or enter keywords into the search tool to refine the entries displayed. Inclusion in the NHVRC Reference Catalog does not constitute an endorsement of the product, in whole or in part, or its authors. Please see the bottom of the page for additional information, including our process for selecting items.

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Program Models Included

Responsive Partnerships with Families: Results from Piloting a Home Visitor Communication Toolkit

Recent evaluations, including the recent MIHOPE report, note the need to focus on home visitor training, specifically on the use...Read More
Early Head Start Home-Based Option (EHS), Healthy Families America (HFA), Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY), Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP), Safecare

Collaborative Advocacy for Better Health: Integrating Legal Aid Services Into Home Visiting Programs

Research has shown that social, economic and environmental factors shape health outcomes, and are especially powerful during periods of development,...Read More
Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP), Other Models, Parents as Teachers (PAT)

The Home Visiting National Landscape: Meeting Families Where They Are

The National Home Visiting Resource Center (NHVRC) is a source for comprehensive information about early childhood home visiting. Its goal...Read More
Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-Up (ABC), Child First, Early Head Start Home-Based Option (EHS), Family Check-Up (FCU), Family Connects, Family Spirit, Health Access Nurturing Development Services (HANDS), Healthy Families America (HFA), Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY), Maternal Early Childhood Sustained Home-Visiting (MECSH), Minding the Baby, Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP), Other Models, Parents as Teachers (PAT), Play and Learning Strategies (PALS), SafeCare Augmented, Safecare

Bridge Gaps Between Systems With Professional Development

Home-based services provided by various public and private sectors can have significantly different outcomes than those typically expected. However, families...Read More
Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP), Parents as Teachers (PAT)

A Pilot Intervention to Strengthen Coordination Between Primary Care and Prenatal and Early Childhood Home Visiting for Vulnerable Families in Baltimore

Prenatal/early childhood home visiting (HV) targets disadvantaged pregnant women/families. Coordination with primary care (PC) might improve effectiveness, but proven strategies...Read More

Integrating Home Visiting Into Systems of Care: Where is the Science?

This poster will present a comprehensive synthesis of scholarship regarding the integration of home visiting to other health and developmental...Read More

Engaging Grantees to Develop Measures for Tribal Home Visiting Through the MUSE Study

The Multi-site Implementation Evaluation of Tribal Home Visiting (MUSE) went through an intensive process engaging Tribal MIECHV grantees, MIECHV funders,...Read More

Enhancing the Home Visiting Workforce Through Partnering With Post-Secondary Institutions

The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) Maternal, Infant, Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program received an Innovation Grant to...Read More
Parents as Teachers (PAT)

Competency Alignment for Pre-Service Home Visitors

The purpose of home visiting programs is to provide family-centered support for pregnant women, infants, and toddlers in the family’s...Read More

Does Home Visiting Reduce Intimate Partner Violence? Evidence From the Federal Home Visiting Evidence of Effectiveness (HomVEE) Review

Home visiting interventions that target pregnant women and families with young children offer an opportunity to support mothers at risk...Read More
Healthy Families America (HFA), Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP)

All non-NHVRC products are independently reviewed by two researchers using a standard protocol. Program models listed by name in the catalog meet criteria for evidence of effectiveness as determined by the Home Visiting Evidence of Effectiveness project (HomVEE). Program models that do not meet HomVEE criteria are included in the “Other Models” category. The HealthySteps model can no longer be implemented with MIECHV funds. Learn more on our models page.