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The NHVRC Reference Catalog features home visiting research and evaluation, including evaluation plans, research briefs, conference and poster presentations, cost studies, and fact sheets. Inclusion in the NHVRC Reference Catalog does not constitute an endorsement of the product, in whole or in part, or its authors. Search the catalog by entering a term below and/or using the available filters.
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    • Dissertation 2018

      Maternal Care Coordination and Program Triage

      BACKGROUND: Kalamazoo County is rich with community resources, particularly those surrounding maternal and infant care. Unfortunately, these resources are not being utilized by those with the highest risk of poor birth outcomes (defined as birthweight less than 2500g, gestation less…

    • White Paper 2015

      Measuring the Quality of Home Visiting Services A Review of the Literature

      Models: Early Head Start Home-Based Option (EHS), Healthy Families America (HFA), Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP)

      This document reviews the literature on the definition and measurement of quality of home visiting programs designed to promote early childhood development, with a particular focus on those interventions aimed at enhancing child cognitive, language, and socio – emotional outcomes.…

    • Issue or Research Brief 2010

      Home Visiting Evidence of Effectiveness Review: Executive Summary

      Models: Early Head Start Home-Based Option (EHS), Family Check-Up (FCU), Healthy Families America (HFA), HealthySteps, Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY), Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP), Other Models, Safecare

      Purpose: To provide an overview of the HomVEE review process and summary of the review results. Example Topics Addressed: Rating the quality of impact studies Assessing evidence of effectiveness Gaps in research

    • Issue or Research Brief 2012

      Home Away From Home: A Toolkit for Planning Home Visiting Partnerships With Family, Friend, and Neighbor Caregivers

      Models: Child First, Early Head Start Home-Based Option (EHS), Family Check-Up (FCU), Healthy Families America (HFA), HealthySteps, Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY), Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP), Other Models, Parents as Teachers (PAT)

      This toolkit provides state policymakers and advocates with strategies for extending and expanding access to state- or federally-funded home visiting through partnerships with providers of FFN child care. This toolkit includes: Part I: What are Family, Friend, and Neighbor and…

    • Issue or Research Brief 2020

      How Home Visiting Can Support Postpartum Care

      Purpose: Describes ways that home visiting programs can support postpartum care. Example Topics Addressed: Importance of postpartum care Barriers to obtaining postpartum care Coordinating health care and home visiting services to address barriers

    • Book 2018

      Little Talks: A Modular Treatment Approach for Promoting Infant and Toddler Language Acquisition Through Parents’ Preferences and Competencies

      Model: Early Head Start Home-Based Option (EHS)

      This chapter illustrates the development of an intervention for low-income, ethnic minority infants and toddlers that is based in cultural meaningfulness and accessible through community-based developmental services. Research showing differential effects of book sharing interventions for children of varying socioeconomic…

    • White Paper

      Newborn Home Visiting Programs: A Scan of Services and Data

      Models: Healthy Families America (HFA), Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP)

      Purpose: Summarizes findings across eight California counties to better understand the home visiting landscape, data collection methods, and potential for linking home visiting data to administrative data for research and evaluation purposes. Example Topics Addressed: Methodology County home visiting profiles…