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The NHVRC Reference Catalog features home visiting research and evaluation. Items include evaluation plans, research briefs, conference and poster presentations, cost studies, fact sheets, and NHVRC publications. Select one or more of the checkboxes below and/or enter keywords into the search tool to refine the entries displayed. Inclusion in the NHVRC Reference Catalog does not constitute an endorsement of the product, in whole or in part, or its authors. Please see the bottom of the page for additional information, including our process for selecting items.

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Program Models Included

Universal Early Home Visiting: A Strategy for Reaching all Postpartum Women

Objective: The objective of this study is to consider the role of universal nurse home visiting in the postpartum period...Read More
Family Connects

Who Gets What? Describing the Non-Supervisory Training and Supports Received by Home Visiting Staff Members and its Relationship With Turnover

The early childhood home visiting field lacks a basic understanding of home visiting program staff members’ receipt of on-the-job training...Read More
Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP), Parents as Teachers (PAT)

Teenage Childbearing, Reproductive Justice, and Infant Mental Health

Reproductive justice advocates emphasize the rights of women to choose to have children, to decide the conditions under which they...Read More
Other Models

The Evidence Base for the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program Constructs

Objectives: The federal Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program requires grantees to demonstrate program improvement as a...Read More
Early Head Start Home-Based Option (EHS), Early Intervention Program for Adolescent Mothers, Healthy Families America (HFA), HealthySteps, Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP), Parents as Teachers (PAT)

Stress and Coping Among Early Childhood Intervention Professionals Receiving Reflective Supervision: A Qualitative Analysis

Reflective supervision/consultation (RS/C) is an important component of infant mental health training and practice. Given high levels of job stress...Read More

Home Visiting: Discovering What Works for Increasing Referrals

Purpose: Identify barriers providers may experience with regard to referring families to home visiting programs and to determine intervention strategies...Read More
Early Head Start Home-Based Option (EHS), Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP), Other Models, Parents as Teachers (PAT)

Increasing Home Visiting Referrals Through Implementation, Dissemination and Evaluation: Perspectives From Rural Healthcare Providers

Purpose: Determine strategies for increasing healthcare provider referrals to early childhood home visiting (ECHV) programs in Bernalillo County, New Mexico....Read More

Maternal and Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) Program: Background and Funding

Purpose: Provide an overview of the federal Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program. Example Topics Addressed: Historical...Read More
Child First, Early Head Start Home-Based Option (EHS), Early Intervention Program for Adolescent Mothers, Early Start (New Zealand), Family Check-Up (FCU), Family Connects, Family Spirit, Health Access Nurturing Development Services (HANDS), Healthy Beginnings, Healthy Families America (HFA), Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY), Maternal Early Childhood Sustained Home-Visiting (MECSH), Minding the Baby, Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP), Parents as Teachers (PAT), Play and Learning Strategies (PALS), SafeCare Augmented

Systematic Review of Community- and Home-Based Interventions to Support Parenting and Reduce Risk of Child Maltreatment Among Families With Substance-Exposed Newborns

Substance-exposed newborns (SENs) are at increased risk of child maltreatment, out-of-home placement, and poor health and developmental outcomes. The purpose...Read More
Other Models

Funding Home Visiting With a pay for Outcomes Approach

Purpose: Present key takeaways from a round-table convening of home visiting and Pay for Outcomes (PFO) stakeholders, including federal agency...Read More

All non-NHVRC products are independently reviewed by two researchers using a standard protocol. Program models listed by name in the catalog meet criteria for evidence of effectiveness as determined by the Home Visiting Evidence of Effectiveness project (HomVEE). Program models that do not meet HomVEE criteria are included in the “Other Models” category. The HealthySteps model can no longer be implemented with MIECHV funds. Learn more on our models page.