Family together at home

State & Indigenous Profiles

American Samoa

The model implemented in American Samoa was Healthy Families America. Across the territory, 1 local agency operated this model.

home visits provided
including 1,094 virtual visits
families served
children served


0% Hispanic or Latino

Caregiver Education

10% No high school diploma

Child Age

24% <1 year

50% 1-2 years

25% 3-5 years

Child Insurance Status

100% Public

0% Private

0% None

Primary Language

19% English

0% Spanish

81% Another language

Potential Beneficiaries

Information on potential beneficiaries was not available for American Samoa in 2022.

NHVRC State Profiles present data provided by evidence-based models, which include both MIECHV and non-MIECHV data. This State Profile includes participant data from the following evidence-based model: HFA. • Missing and unknown data were not included in calculations. • Percentages may not add to 100 due to rounding. • To protect confidentiality, race and ethnicity categories with 10 or fewer participants were replaced with *. • Public insurance includes Medicaid, CHIP, and TRICARE. • HFA data for private insurance includes other forms of health insurance.