When the NHVRC launched our inaugural Yearbook in July, Advisory Committee Member Deb Daro shared her thoughts on the importance of continued input:

“To be successful, the Yearbook requires that multiple players in the field—model developers,
state planners, local program administrators, federal agencies, private funders, researchers, and
advocates—share their knowledge and concerns with their colleagues. It requires the
contribution of quality data from across the field. And it requires a collective effort fueled by a
continuous exchange of ideas.”

Thank you for taking her words to heart. Roughly six months later, we’re pleased to announce the release of our Data Supplement to the 2017 Home Visiting YearbookOur latest publication builds on the 2017 Home Visiting Yearbook by presenting updated data from 2016. It also provides a more complete look at home visiting across the country by featuring more robust data collected from state, territories, and evidence-based models.

For example, the Data Supplement features—

  • Service information from 14 evidence-based home visiting models, up from 7 in the 2017 Home Visiting Yearbook
  • Data from 52 of 56 state and territory agencies administering funds from the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program (MIECHV), up from 46 responses

These improvements reflect an increased willingness to join the national conversation about whom home visiting reaches and whom could still benefit. And they allow us to present a more accurate snapshot of the field during a time of uncertainty around continued federal support.

The past six months have also brought an influx of stories from home visiting participants and professionals willing to share their experiences in the field. We’re excited to quote some of those stories within the Data Supplement. They include the words of a young mom whose home visitor helped her cope with a tough medical condition and a former participant who now works as a home visitor helping other families succeed.

We hope you’ll use the Data Supplement to further dialogue about this proven service delivery strategy for children and families. For example, you can—

  • Refer to our updated national profile to highlight the breadth of evidence-based home visiting in the United States and the characteristics of children and families served
  • Get a better sense of the local home visiting environment by reading our state profiles and MIECHV state data tables, which include state-specific service information from state MIECHV awardees
  • Share our model profiles to educate yourself and others about models recognized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as evidence based
  • Print our four-page summary document for stakeholders interested in “at-a-glance” information

As your efforts to share information continue, so will our work to bring you the latest data. We’re just about to begin data collection for our 2018 Home Visiting Yearbook to be released in the fall. That product will put us on track for annual rollouts of future Yearbooks highlighting data from just one year earlier.

Thanks to everyone who lent their voices to the Data Supplement to the 2017 Home Visiting Yearbook, whether sharing numbers or personal stories. We look forward to continuing the conversation!