Promoting First Relationships: Implementing a Home Visiting Research Program in Two American Indian Communities




Monica Oxford , Cathryn Booth-LaForce, Abigail Echo-Hawk, Odile Madesclaire, Lorilynn Parrish, Mylene Widner, Anthippy Petras, Tess Abrahamson-Richards, Katie Nelson, Dedra Buchwald, and the CATCH Project Team

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Background: Few, if any, home visiting programs for children under the age of three have been culturally adapted for American Indian reservation settings. We recently adapted one such program: Promoting First Relationships . Objectives: To culturally adapt Promoting First Relationships while maintaining program fidelity, we used a community based participatory approach to elicit input from two American Indian partners. Methods: University-based researchers, reservation-based Native project staff, and Native tribal liaisons conducted collaborative meetings, conference calls, and focus groups to adapt Promoting First Relationships to reflect local community needs and values. Lessons Learned: Working closely with onsite Native project staff, being flexible and open to suggestions, and attending to the logistical needs of the community are imperative to developing and implementing adaptations. Conclusions: Several adaptations were made based on the collaboration between researchers and Native project staff. Collaboration is critical for adapting programs so they can be tested in ways that respect both American Indian culture and research needs. (author abstract)

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Oxford, M., Booth-LaForce, C., Echo-Hawk, A., Madesclaire, O., Parrish, L., Widner, M., Petras, A., Abrahamson-Richards, A., Nelson, K., Buchwald, D., & CATCH Project Team. (2020). Promoting First Relationships®: Implementing a home visiting research program in two American Indian communities. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research52(2), 149-156. https://doi.org/10.1177%2F0844562120914424
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Monica Oxford


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