Postpartum Mental Health Promotion: Perspectives From Mothers and Home Visitors




Mariette J. Chartier, Dhiwya Attawar, Jennifer S. Volk, Marion Cooper, Farzana Quddus, and Julie-Anne McCarthy

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Objective: The object of this study was to examine the implementation of the Towards Flourishing Mental Health Promotion Strategy, a demonstration project designed to promote the mental well-being of parents and their children that was added to an existing public health home visiting program. Design and Sample: Structured interviews were conducted with program stakeholders including 13 women receiving home visiting services in the postpartum period and 6 home visitors. Measures: Thematic analysis of individual transcripts was conducted and results were compiled according to common themes. Results: The results indicate that women and home visitors perceived the integration of a mental health promotion strategy into an existing public health program as feasible, acceptable and useful. The strategy provides a mechanism for women and home visitors to dialog about mental health and appears to have early positive impacts on the women. Factors that facilitated and impeded the successful implementation of the strategy are described. Conclusion: These results point to promising strategies to reach women early in the postpartum period to support their mental health. They also shed light on the barriers to supporting mental health, indicating the need to address stigma related to mental health and the social determinants of health. (author abstract)

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Chartier, M. J., Attawar, D., Volk, J. S., Cooper, M., Quddus, F., & McCarthy, J. (2015). Postpartum mental health promotion: Perspectives from mothers and home visitors. Public Health Nursing, 32(6), 671–679. doi: 10.1111/phn.12205
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Mariette J. Chartier


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