Measuring Reflective Supervision Within Home Visiting: Changes in Supervisors’ Self-Perception Over Time




Christine M. Low, Rebecca Newland, Rebecca B. Silver, Stephanie Parade, Sara Remington, Stacey Aguiar, and Kristine Campagna

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Journal Publication


  • Healthy Families America (HFA)
  • Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP)
  • Parents as Teachers (PAT)


Despite widespread belief in the early childhood field of the benefits of reflective supervision, there has been limited empirical evidence to support the effectiveness of reflective supervision for home visitors and the children and families they serve. The present study examined the psychometric properties of four adapted self-report measures assessing supervisors’ reflective supervision capacities; the study also investigated whether these measures captured change in reflective capacity over time as supervisors participated in professional development activities focused on reflective supervision. Results from 33 participants (home visiting supervisors and program managers) suggested that three of the four measures demonstrated acceptable internal consistency, and these three measures were correlated with each other. Two of these measures also captured significant change over time. Finally, there was some evidence that those with less education demonstrated more substantial improvement in their reflective supervision capacities than did those with an advanced degree. Findings provide initial evidence for reliable, efficient, and cost-effective supervisor self-report measures that could be used in research and program evaluation to assess change in supervisor reflective capacity over time. (author abstract)

Data Collection Methods

  • Standardized assessment tools



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Low, C. M., Newland, R., Silver, R. B., Parade, S., Remington, S., Aguiar, S., & Campagna, K. (2018). Measuring reflective supervision within home visiting: Changes in supervisors’ self-perception over time. Infant Mental Health Journal, 39(5), 608–617. doi: 10.1002/imhj.21736
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Christine M. Low


  • Home Visiting Workforce Characteristics and Workforce Development