Enhancing Prenatal Access to Home Visiting Through Innovative Health Partnerships




Lindsey Angelats, Maria Aquino, Chris Esguerra, and Roxana Martinez

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While home visiting is currently not covered in California’s Medicaid program (Medi-Cal), the state’s model for managed care enables those organizations (MCOs) to partner with community-based providers to improve quality and care for higher-risk constituents. Currently, there are no known formalized referral relationships between local Medi-Cal plans and home visiting programs in Los Angeles County, nor is there a state requirement for prenatal referral. In addition, few enrollees in home visiting programs are referred prenatally or in the first trimester. There is, however, significant crossover among current home visiting and Medi-Cal managed care enrollees. Integrating services provides a vehicle with which to reach women at the greatest risk for preterm birth, infant mortality and unnecessary C-sections. In addition, few enrollees in home visiting programs are referred prenatally or in the 1st trimester. This workshop examines the pioneering partnership between First 5 LA and Blue Shield Promise Health, a Medi-Cal MCO, and their efforts to leverage provider, plan and county resources for maternal care integration. Attendees will learn about the partnership’s processes for referring home visiting to women as soon as pregnancy is determined, assessing home visiting programs, leveraging provider and county resources for maternal care integration, and recording and tracking electronic health records. (author abstract)

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Angelats, L., Aquino, M., Esguerra, C., & Martinez, R.(2020, January 30). Enhancing prenatal access to home visiting through innovative health partnerships. National Home Visiting Summit. Presentation conducted at the conference of The Ounce, Washington, DC.
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