Eliminating Health Disparities Through Action on the Social Determinants of Health: A Systematic Review of Home Visiting in the United States, 2005–2015




Laurie S. Abbott and Lynn T. Elliott

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Objective: The purpose of this systematic literature review was to synthesize the results of transdisciplinary interventions designed with a home visit component in experimental and quasi-experimental studies having representative samples of racial and ethnic minorities. Design and Sample: The design of this systematic review was adapted to include both experimental and quasi-experimental quantitative studies. Measures: The predetermined inclusion criteria were studies (a) having an experimental or quasi-experimental quantitative design, (b) having a home visit as a research component, (c) including a prevention research intervention strategy targeting health and/or safety issues, (d) conducted in the United States, (e) having representation (at least 30% in the total sample size) of one or more racial/ethnic minority, (f) available in full text, and (g) published in a peer-reviewed journal between January, 2005 and December, 2015. Results: Thirty-nine articles were included in the review. There were 20 primary prevention, 5 secondary prevention, and 14 tertiary prevention intervention studies. Conclusions: Community and home visitation interventions by nurses can provide an effective means for mitigating social determinants of health by empowering people at risk for health disparities to avoid injury, maintain health, and prevent and manage existing disease. (author abstract)

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Abbott, L. S., & Elliott, L. T. (2017). Eliminating health disparities through action on the social determinants of health: A systematic review of home visiting in the United States, 2005–2015. Public Health Nursing, 34(1), 2–30. http://doi.org/10.1111/phn.12268
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Laurie S. Abbott


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