A Program Model Describing a Community-Based Mother and Infant Health Program




Yuqing Guo, Julie Rousseau, Miriam Bender, Jung-Ah Lee, Pamela Pimentel, Yvette Bojorquez, Michele Silva, and Ellen Olshansky

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Background and Purpose: The objective of this study was to formulate a MOMS Orange County program model to describe the components and function of a successful community-based maternal and infant health program. Methods: A logic framework was used to guide the development of the MOMS program model. Twenty-five MOMS staff members were  interviewed; MOMS documents and existing research literature were reviewed.  Content analyses were used to identify themes of interviews and the review guide was used to summarize the documents. Results: The key components of the MOMS program were identified to formulate a narrative and graphic model. The main elements of this model included: target population (underserved women who have low socioeconomic status and have limited access to healthcare in Orange County); theoretical assumptions (social determinants of health, human ecology, self-efficacy); goals (empower women, enhance health of infants, strengthen families); inputs (funded by public and private sources; 50 staff members); activities (care-coordination home visitation community-center group health education); outputs (the number of home visitations, referrals to medical and/or psychological services, and group health education classes); and outcomes (short-term: healthy pregnancy, birth outcomes, family support; medium-term: postpartum well-being, infant development, family functioning; long-term: women’s well-being, children’s development, family relationships). Future research should test how this model functions to empirically improve maternal, newborn, child, and family health. Implications for Practice: The MOMS program provides a new approach to community-based maternal and infant health interventions focusing on health promotion and disease prevention for underserved families in socioeconomically disadvantaged communities. (author abstract)

Data Collection Methods

  • Focus groups
  • Interviews
  • Program administrative record reviews



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Guo, Y., Rousseau, J., Bender, M., Lee, J.-A., Pimentel, P., Bojorquez, Y., … Olshansky, E. (2019). A program model describing a community-based mother and infant health program. Research And Theory For Nursing Practice, 33(1), 39–57. https://doi.org/10.1891/1541-6577.33.1.39
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Yuqing Guo


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