A Coaching-Based Community of Practice: Implementation & Practice Outcomes




Mark S. Innocenti, Lori Roggman, and Angela Ward

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  • Parents as Teachers (PAT)


Members of the summit’s professional development community of practice conducted a recent review of home visiting coaching literature. This report highlights the need not only for more research on coaching in home visiting but also for additional terminology in current coaching activities and practices. This session will describe a coaching-based community of practice (CoP) currently in use with Wyoming’s Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) programs, which have used the Parents as Teacher model for the past four years. The primary focus currently identified by the CoP is on practices with families dealing with challenging circumstances. All CoP supervisors active in their communities submit videos of their coaching sessions for the CoP supervisor to review, using strength-based and reflective processes like those used in the full CoP (in which supervisors participate), building on the parallel process. Experienced home visitors now serve as peer mentors (Peer Mentor CoP), allowing for more opportunities for participants to build skills and share experiences in a “safe” environment. This builds on Observer Effect Training, defined by a change in an individual’s behavior once that individual has observed and evaluated the performance of another individual engaging in the same target behaviors. Qualitative data indicate strong approval of the CoP, as new staff improves practice skills more quickly within the CoP. Quantitative data based on the HOVRS demonstrate an increase in practice skills over time.

This session will focus on the development of the Wyoming CoP and examine all aspects and components of the CoP. An overview of the CoP curriculum, outlining a series of practices and forms for reflection built upon evidence-based practices, will be explored in detail. We will discuss the Supervisor CoP, its development and the process agreed upon by supervisors. The establishment and growth of the Peer Mentor CoP and the development of practices being used by peer mentors will also be reviewed, with qualitative and quantitative data presented. (author abstract)

Data Collection Methods

  • Home Visit Observations



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Innocenti, M. S., Roggman, L., & Ward, A. (2020, January 30). A coaching-based community of practice: Implementation & practice outcomes. National Home Visiting Summit. Presentation conducted at the conference of The Ounce, Washington, DC.
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  • Home Visiting Workforce Characteristics and Workforce Development