Maternal Depression in Home Visitation: A Systematic Review




Robert T. Ammerman, Frank W. Putnam, Nicole R. Bosse, Angelique R. Teeters, and Judith B. Van Ginkel

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Journal Publication


  • Early Head Start Home-Based Option
  • Healthy Families America (HFA)


Depression is prevalent in new mothers and has been shown to have profound negative impacts on parenting, maternal life course, and child development. High rates of maternal depression have been found in home visitation, a widely disseminated prevention approach for high risk mothers and their children. This paper reviews the emerging literature on the prevalence, impact, and treatment of depression in the context of home visitation. Findings are synthesized and methodological and design limitations are considered in interpretation of results. Promising approaches to addressing maternal depression and supporting home visitors in working with this clinical population are described. Recommendations for research and practice are offered that build upon the strong foundation of current efforts in this area.(author abstract)

Data Collection Methods

  • Standardized assessment tools



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Ammerman, R. T., Putnam, F. W., Bosse, N. R., Teeters, A. R., & Van Ginkel, J. B. (2010). Maternal depression in home visitation: A systematic review. Aggression and Violent Behavior15(3), 191-200. doi: 10.1016/j.avb.2009.12.002
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Robert T. Ammerman


  • Participant, Family, and Program Outcomes
  • Program Enhancements, Innovations, and Promising Approaches