Examining Program Quality in Early Childhood Home Visiting: From Infrastructure to Relationships




Jon Korfmacher, Mary Frese, and Saima Gowani

Brief Type

Journal Publication


  • Healthy Families America (HFA)
  • Other Models
  • Parents as Teachers (PAT)


Although there are many examples of evidence-based early childhood home-visiting programming, the field itself struggles with modest outcomes and variable levels of program effectiveness. This article documents the experience of creating a statewide monitoring system to assess home-visiting program quality and compliance to identified standards, integrating multiple sources of information across different domains of functioning. Monitoring results from 57 programs are summarized, with variable but promising levels of quality. Programs generally report satisfaction and benefit from the process. In addition, the relationship between direct observations of home visits and home-visitor report of their approach to working with families is analyzed. Results suggest significant, albeit small, associations. Although there are trade-offs between comprehensiveness of information gathering and practical application, the use of monitoring findings to support home-visiting programs holds potential for quality improvement. (author abstract)

Data Collection Methods

  • Home Visit Observations
  • Program administrative record reviews
  • Site visits
  • Standardized assessment tools
  • Surveys or questionnaires



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Korfmacher, J., Frese, M., & Gowani, S. (2019). Examining program quality in early childhood home visiting: From infrastructure to relationships. Infant Mental Health Journal, 1–13. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1002/imhj.21773
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Jon Korfmacher


  • Program Quality, Continuous Quality Improvement, and Fidelity